About Us

Our Mission 

  • Identify and address unmet needs in the rural community of Paulden.
  • Expand and create programs and facilities. 
  • Provide services and resources.
  • Fund and support new and established programs. 
  • Partner with other community providers.
  • Work with all for the benefit of the community.

Our Vision

  • A healthy, safe, and vibrant community.  

Our Values

  • Advancing positive change through grantmaking, community engagement and collaboration.
  • Building a legacy for future generations through responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.
  • Operating with the highest standards of integrity, ethics and accountability.
  • Committed to fairness and respect for the dignity of all people.
  • Openness and honesty with our philanthropic partners, grantees and the community.
  • Excellence in all that we do.